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Marriage & Love Compatibility in Detail

Marriage & Love Compatibility is a method in astrology which is used to analyse if two people are compatible with each other & would be able to sustain their love for each other throughout the life.

There are different methods in astrology to see how will be the married life & love life of a person. This is because being married is different from being in love. But this method checks compatibility of two people and is applicable to both marriage & love life.

Marriage & Love Compatibility is a hot topic on the internet. Astrologers make videos which zodiac sign is compatible to which & give interviews about it. In reality, you will find people of every zodiac sign in relationship with each other. There is no hard & fast rule and nobody loves a person by checking the zodiac sign first.

In this article, I will tell you what the correct method of doing marriage & love compatibility is.
First, see the Zodiac Sign to which both the people belongs to. By Zo…
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How To Accurately assess Results of Rahu & Ketu?

Rahu & Ketu are two shadow planets in Astrology. They are not actually present in skies and they are a consequence of the relative motion of the Sun and the Moon. Rahu & Ketu are also known as Bad Sun & Bad Moon or North Node & South Node of the Moon.

Mythology describes that earlier there was a half demon & half deity known as Svarbhanu, who consumed the elixir of immortality. Lord Vishnu cut his throat with his Spinning Disk (Sudarshana Chakra) in order to stop the elixir getting into his body. But the elixir was already consumed & he remained as immortal. Svarbhanu being a half deity wanted to have a position among the deities and a palace to reside.

Astronomically, these are the points through which when Moon passes Solar & Lunar Eclipse happens. Solar & Lunar eclipse happens at an angle of 180 degrees. Therefore, these points are always 180 degrees apart in the astrological chart.

Rahu & Ketu signifies things which are hidden like underworld. …

Snapshots of Free Astrological Consultation Done by Us To Promote Predictive Astrology

Chart 1: Correct Analysis regarding job in 2010 and after that Future Predictions. Answers were given before the confirmation that birth chart is correct and analysis were correct.
Chart 2 : Some are Difficult To Handle & If they know few things about Astrology, they will Get You. Second Chart is important. You see this person has 3 exalted planets, still he was suffering through problems. Kindly read, Exaltation and Debilitation of Planets Detailed Analysis.

Chart 3 : Others are curious but They place their Valuable Trust in Us 

Refer Career Astrology for any queries regarding this chart.
Note: Last consultation was paid. Due to which we cannot reveal any information apart from birth details and events we predicted. These snapshots will help you understand what can be predicted and up to what level accuracy can be achieved. The first two Consultations were free and we successfully answered all queries.
*Our policies do not allow us to reveal identity of our clients or those with whom…

Why People are Meant to Be Misguided by Astrologers & My Own Story

People generally like those astrologers who say that it’s very difficult to predict through astrology. You have to be very spiritual and should have some great Siddhis (Divine Knowledge). Especially in countries like India where the whole business works due to superstition. They feel that Astrologers wearing a robe, talking about God and doing philosophy is more entertaining and reliable as compared to an Astrologer who simply predicts in few minutes what events will occur in life. Such people not only gain sudden attention but due to their ability to convince people gain a high level of respect.

Honestly I was never an Astrologer. I was and I am a social worker, businessman, physicist, programmer and entertainer who liked being in his own company lost in the work and understanding the world.  I am very spiritual since childhood and was into things like doing meditation, yoga and Ayurveda.
Though I never learned astrology nor I was interested. It grabbed my attention when an Astrolo…

Exaltation & Debilitation of Planets Detailed Analysis

Planets revolve around the Sun, which is source of all the life & power. In our system, we have 7 planets which actually exist (including Sun & Moon which are Star and Satellite actually) and 2 shadow planets which are into existence due to movement of the Sun and the Moon. We have 12 zodiac signs which divide the skies into 12 equal parts due to the fact that Moon revolves 12 times when the Earth completes its one revolution around the Sun. 27 constellations because somebody observed different patters in the stars. Now we need to understand from where the concept of Exaltation & Debilitation came and how we should see it. In real there is no reason or proof how this thing work and who gave the concept of Exaltation and Debilitation. But astrologers do follow it, give a lot of theories and say exalted planets are strong and give good results. Sometimes, it gets quite confusing that an exalted planet is strong or good. If an exalted planet is in a bad house, will it give m…

Confusion of Exalted Debilitated Retrograde & Combust Planets Cleared

Those who practice astrology always feel confused about many concepts of Astrology. Sometimes one rule contradicts the other & every Astrologer observes different thing due to which they all contradict each other. These things have always been a topic of debate that What a planet will do in its Exalted StateEffects of a Debilitated PlanetExalted Planet Debilitated in D-9 ChartDebilitated Planet Combustion Good or BadExalted Planet if Retrograde becomes CombustDoes Exalted Planet gives Good Results in all Houses
The debate about these topics never ends and you will find thousands of books on these topics. After reading which you will be more confused and may write another book regarding your own confusions. Let’s clear this today how to see this in chart and how to accurately assess what possible results (god or bad) a planet will give based upon Exaltation, Debilitation, Retrograde Motion or Combustion.  I suggest you should read Truth About Divisional Charts & Vedic Astrology

Truth About Divisional Charts & Vedic Astrology

First of all there is no such thing as Vedic Astrology. In Hindi it is known as Jyotisha and in English we call it as Hindu Astrology or Indian Astrology. Jyotisha is a part of a Vedanga (Veda- knowledge & Anga- Part/Limbs). In earlier times there used to be six Vedanga, knowledge which was given to everyone & Jyotisha was used in order to find out auspicious time when something is to be done and to predict future by looking at the placement of planets in the sky. The word Vedic means the one which is part of Vedas. There are four Vedas – Rig-Veda, Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda & Atharva-Veda. Hindu Astrology or Jyotisha does not come from any of these four and hence, cannot be called as Vedic Astrology. The system which these people practice is called Parashari System or Parashari Astrology. It was time when the word Vedas/Vedic became very popular in west and westerners became quite curious about this word & India. At that time an Astrologer (who is still alive today, I won…

Career Astrology

Career astrology is about calculating & predicting what would be the status of a person in the world. It indicates how much a person can rise in his life irrespective of how much that person is educated. We always see examples where a person who is not much qualified makes millions. Career astrology is different from predicting & timing events of life. Either an event will happen in life or not but that’s not the case with the career. If planets support the person will attain heights, if they don’t then the person will live an average life and if they are against then a person leads a miserable life. While doing career astrology it’s important to know what is the role of each & every house and relative importance of every house regarding career.

Career astrology is applied to predict the following things:

 Status of a person in the society Kind of work a person will do Field in which a person will work Type of place where the person will work Person’s ability to earn money…


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