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Correct Method of Matching Horoscopes For Marriage & Love Compatibility

Marriage & Love Compatibility is a method in astrology which is used to analyze if two people are compatible with each other & would be able to sustain their love for each other throughout the life.

There are different methods in astrology to see how will be the married life & love life of a person. This is because being married is different from being in love. But this method checks compatibility of two people and is applicable to both marriage & love life.

Matching Moon Signs, Manglik or Non-Manglik, planetary placements w.r.t. Moon or Venus or Mars does not give correct results.

To accurately match the horoscopes of two people placement of all the nine planets should be carefully observed & sometimes Uranus, Neptune & Pluto also counts and then the results obtained are correct.

All these placements are seen from the Ascendant (Lagna) only and the lord of the Ascendant & planets in the Ascendant always have a major say.

Marriage & Love Compatibilit…
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Career Astrology

Career astrology is about calculating and predicting what would be the status of a person in the world. Combination To Become Famous in Media Industry. Place of Job as Signified By the Planet’s Natural Significations. Status at the Work Place According To Houses Signified By The Planets.  Career astrology is applied to predict the following things:  Status of a person in the society, Kind of work a person will do, Field in which a person will work, Type of place where the person will work, Person’s ability to earn money, Business, Job or Both.  These houses are also called as wealth giving houses which are:  Second House – Finance, Wealth & Possessions  Sixth House - Hard Work, Employment & Ability to Compete  Tenth House – Status, Respect, Rank, Name & Fame  Eleventh House – Fulfilment of Desires & Monetary Gains.

Career astrology is about calculating & predicting what would be the status of a person in the world. It indicates how much a person can rise in his life irrespective of how much that person is educated. We always see examples where a person who is not much qualified makes millions.

Career astrology is different from predicting & timing events of life. Either an event will happen in life or not but that’s not the case with the career. If planets support the person will attain heights, if they don’t then the person will live an average life and if they are against then a person leads a miserable life.

While doing career astrology it’s important to know what is the role of each & every house and relative importance of every house regarding career.

Career astrology is applied to predict the following things:
  •  Status of a person in the society
  •  Kind of work a person will do
  •  Field in which a person will work
  •  Type of place where the person will work
  •  Person’s ability to earn money
  •  Business, Job or Both
  • Government Job or Private Job

According to the houses signified by the planets, we decide which person will get into which type of profession. Here are the few types of profession:
  •  Actor/Artist (5 8  12)
  •  Civil Servant (2 6 10 11)
  •  Engineer (3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12)
  •  Politician (1 3 5 6 9 10 11)
  •  Wrestler (7 8 12)

I wrote these examples because the Combination of Houses required for these professions are very different from each other because these professions don’t really have anything much in common.

Houses signified by the majority of planets in your chart decide what career you will choose. Because it never really happens that all the 9 planets indicate the same thing. We see some people are good with almost everything, that’s because all the 9 planets signify different things in that person’s chart which gives that person ability to do multi-tasking.

If you have not read Rules of Predictive Astrology, kindly read it before continuing any further in order to understand what Star Lord & Sub Lord is and what is their importance and role in Predictive Astrology.

Let’s know the most important houses required for you to rise in career. You require these houses no matter in what profession you are in order to be successful. While other houses signify what will be your profession these houses signify the level of success in that profession. These houses are also called as wealth giving houses which are:

  •  Second House – Finance, Wealth & Possessions
  •  Sixth House - Hard Work, Employment & Ability to Compete
  •  Tenth House – Status, Respect, Rank, Name & Fame
  •  Eleventh House – Fulfillment of Desires & Monetary Gains

These are the 4 most important houses everybody requires in order to be successful in career & earn money. When a person goes through the time period of a planet which signifies these houses, there is gain in bank balance, financial stability & respect in the outside world.

These houses help in winning the competition and hence important to both the employee & the employer. An employee competes with other employees & a businessman competes with other businessmen.

You might be thinking if a person requires all of these houses in order to win or any one of them will do. Well, more of these houses will indicate more gain & hence more success. Now, do all these houses will give the same level of success? No, there is the difference in strength of all these houses.

Second House < Sixth House < Tenth House < Eleventh House

This is the sequence of the relative strength of these houses. Eleventh house, in any case, is the most powerful house & is capable of fulfilling any desire.

A person having more planets signifying tenth & eleventh houses will reach the heights in career & will gain a lot of respect as compared to any other person. While a person having second, sixth & tenth house in the majority of planets will still have difficulty in defeating a person with the earlier combination.

Usually, celebrities, famous politicians, senators & billionaires have at least 5 or 6 planets signifying the tenth & eleventh houses. People who get famous for a short period of time or become a sensation on TV or internet have this combination in one or two planets.

Later, when the time period of that planet ends, people forget them. A common man or an average person usually has this combination in one or two planets but either they have other planets ill placed or the time period of these planets never come in their life.

Combination To Become Famous in Media Industry

These are the simple combinations which tell becoming famous in media no matter what you do or how you become famous. The combinations are: Third, Sixth & Eleventh and Third, Tenth & Eleventh.

Third house is communication & represents media industry, therefore, it becomes quite very important sometimes. Usually, Internet Celebrities have these combinations.

Place of Job as Signified By the Planet’s Natural Significations

Sun & Moon – Job in a Government Office or Company
Venus & Jupiter – Job in a Multi National Company or a Public Limited Company
Mercury – Job in a Multi National Company
Mars – Military or Army
Saturn – Job in a Small Private Company
Rahu & Ketu – Working in Difficult Situations

Status at the Work Place According To Houses Signified By The Planets

10 & 11 – Top Level Executives
6 & 11 – Managerial Position
6 & 10 – Officer
2 & 6/10 – Clerk
2 or 6 or 10 – Peon

Relate with the time period of the planet & the houses signified by that planet accordingly in order to assess what could be the possible results.

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The placement of planets in Rashi Chart & in the Ascendant Chart (Main Birth Chart) is same, it is just that the Ascendant chart is rotated till the Moon comes in the first house and we call it Rashi Chart. I personally recommend that you avoid seeing Rashi Chart as the Ascendant Chart gives the most accurate results.

Moon is very important and we do take Moon's placement into account by following the time period system that is just based upon Moon & stars. Now, we have to take the placement of other planets into account. The Ascendant chart indicates which planet was transiting in your 10th house (right above your head) or 7th house (western horizon) or any other house at the time when you were born.

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